B U R N  L P
D E B U T   A L B U M  O U T  N O W
B U R N  L P
D E B U T   A L B U M  A N N O U N C E 
S W E A T  F E A T .  C L A S S  A C T R E S S  &  B L A C K  A T L A S S 
O U T  N O W
"“Sweat” is an appropriately named warehouse anthem, pulling listeners into a sultry, late night pursuit of fun and games." - Dancing Astronaut
"If the team at OVO Sound decided to put their vocalists on brutal, dirty techno to see what would happen." - High Snobiety
S T R E A M   B E L O W
R U N  W I T H  I T  F E A T .  T O M M Y  L E E  S P A R T A  
O U T  N O W
"The talented producer, named an Artist to Watch by Billboard Dance, melds hauntingly dark house elements with sharp drum kicks and Jamaican-laced vocals courtesy of Tommy Lee. "Run With It" builds off of ominous pads and formidable percussive thumps that instantly create a cold, nightmarish environment." - Billboard
"Madeaux's new single is gut-wrenchingly dark" - Dancing Astronaut
S T R E A M   B E L O W

Evolution. Nature prides itself on selecting those best suited to their environment and this is no different in an artificial world. Standing on the roof of a bungalow overlooking the city mouthing "Veni, Vidi, Vici" at a view to die for. Some views are worth the hell it costs to own the horizon. 

I would call that a trial by fire. 

You have been brought here by your own trials. Every decision you have ever made in your life, including those of the lives that led to yours, every action and reaction played out over millennia, has brought you here. I am thrilled for us to learn more about each other, as together, we will take part in a pilgrimage to the heart of our existence. The focus of this exploration is the discovery of personal routes to self-actualization; the likes of which are inherent in every human being. The recognition that we contain the keys within ourselves to alter the shape of our reality.

I blazed my path through pipe-riddled basements and the mansions of the morally bankrupt. From downtown lofts dripping with six in the morning sex to the depths of the desert at sundown, I've found clues to the nature of my truth. I sought out artists and collaborators from around the world to assist me in the development of a testament to help you uncover the nature of your own.

The journey to an elevated consciousness is a crusade through darkness. I set these fires to light your way. 



J O I N  M E  O N  A  J O U R N E Y  
O F  A C T U A L I Z A T I O N